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PostgreSQL / MySQL / MongoDB / Redis
Python / Node.js / PHP
React / jQuery / Django / WordPress
React Native for Android / iOS

Our Work

Chcem vedieť, Slovak for "I want to know", is a portal to ease access to information under the Slovak Freedom Of Information Act developed for Chcemvediet.sk association. The portal helps people to request informations from public institutions, track the requests and to file appeals if the information was refused.

The portal contains a database of all public institutions in Slovakia that are obliged to disclose informations under the Slovak FOI Act and lets users to request informations from any of them. It tracks the submitted requests, watches their deadlines, interprets responses from the institutions, and guides the user through all bureaucracy that comes with FOI Act requests.

The portal implements an expert system that helps the user to submit legally correct information requests and appeals citing appropriate legislative, court decisions and lex judicialis based on the kind of the requested information and reasons why the information disclosure was refused.

Python, Django
jQuery, jQuery UI, Bootstrap


Collector is a telemetry software developed by our Italian client to gather and analyse diverse physical quantities. It is used mainly in automotive and engineering industry. We developed its frontend GUI and related backend API calls.

The GUI provides interface to configure products and devices from which to collect data, organize them into group structure and define access permissions to them for users. Users with proper roles or permissions may send commands to the devices and query custom responses from them. Users can also define collected telemetry events, how to parse and process them.

Collected events are shown in tabular and chart reports, on dashboards and on maps. All reports and dashboards are fully customizable. Users can define fields for the reports, how to compute them and how to present the results.

Node.js, Express.js
React, Redux, Bootstrap

Changemaker Map Slovakia is a portal developed for Pontis Foundation visualizing the changemaker network in the country. The goal of the map is to get an overview of changemakers in citizen empowerment, education and social inclusion sectors.

The portal shows the network of changemakers in Slovakia created by Pontis Foundation. It lets users to search for the changemakers by their name, sectors, regions and other criteria, and show connections between the changemakers.

The backend of the portal provides a tool for the portal admins to import updated data directly from their Excel sheets. It also automatically updates pictures of the changemakers from their LinkedIn profiles.

Python, OpenPyXL
jQuery, Google Maps, Bootstrap

Cityhunt is a platform for organizing real-life games developed for CityHunt AS, Norway. The games are played by many teams simultaneously that solve story driven mysteries and puzzles outdoor in the streets.

The platform consists of two interfaces, the backoffice for the organizers and the game frontend for players. The backoffice lets organizers to plan game scenarios, define game levels, puzzles and optional hints. They can configure how the puzzles are solved, add optional timeouts and penalties and other game aspects.

The players access the game using the frontend interface from their smartphones. They register using registration links provided by the organizers. The platform can run several independent instances simultaneously for different groups of people without interfering with each other.

The game interface is fully customizable. Game organizers can adapt CSS of frontend components, add pictures and other content to the game and puzzle descriptions.

Node.js, Express.js
React, Redux, Bootstrap

Other projects

Besides complex applications we also create simple presentation webpages and e-shops for our customers. We create such webpages and e-shops mainly in WordPress and Django using original themes designed by our graphic designers. See bellow for a selection of some of our works.

MySQL / PostgreSQL
PHP / Python
WordPress / Django

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